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Two dozen families struggling with noise at Pinnacle Wind Farm

June 29, 2012

The State Journal, a West Virginia business magazine, recently published a comprehensive article updating the situation at the Pinnacle Wind Farm in Keyser, WV, where more than two dozen families continue to struggle with noise from 23 turbines atop a steep ridge line (see earlier AEI coverage).   At the beginning of June, the state PSC […]

WV wind farm: 55dB limit is being met in long-term average levels, while peaks continue to trouble neighbors

April 16, 2012

Two recent articles have shed interesting light on the ongoing controversy in Keyser, WV, home of the Pinnacle Wind Farm, where many neighbors have been complaining about noise since the turbines began operating late last year. The first clarifies that most or all nearby residents signed agreements with the wind company, including the residence where […]

Company rep: turbines causing problems in WV raised no issues in OK, TX

February 24, 2012

Local news coverage of a recent meeting about the troublesome Pinnacle Wind Farm in West Virginia reveals some interesting exchanges between residents and Brad Christopher, site manager for the 23-turbine array, which is being run by Edison MIssion Group (EMG). In particular, Christopher stressed that two other wind farms run by EMG, using the same model […]

Neighbors ask for night time shut down of new WV wind farm

December 15, 2011

The Pinnacle Wind Farm in West Virginia has been gearing up in recent weeks, with all of its 23 turbines to be spinning by the end of the year.  But even as the wind farm began initial operations, neighbors have petitioned their county commission to request that the state PSC require the turbines to be shut […]

Crater Lake Eyed for Helicopter Tours

August 4, 2009

UPDATE 3/25/10: The Senate has passed legislation allowing the NPS to ban helicopter tours at Crater Lake without going through a lengthy inter-agency process with the FAA.  The measure still needs to be approved by a House-Senate conference committee. A request from an air tour operator to begin helicopter flights in Crater Lake National Park has […]