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For second wind farm, Maine town considers larger setbacks, lower sound limits

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Nearly a year of experience with a ten-turbine wind farm has led the town of Woodstock, Maine to consider nudging any future wind developments a bit further from homes.  As reported here in July, the Spruce Mountain Wind Farm sits more than three-quarters of a mile from any homes; a few homes (perhaps 10) are within a mile, and another dozen or so are within a mile and a half. So far, Woodstock’s wind ordinance committee has received more than a dozen letters of concern about unexpected noise impacts, a number that would seem to represent a significant proportion of residents within that area.

This week, the town’s Wind Ordinance Committee presented its draft ordinanceto govern future wind development to the Selectmen; the town meeting will vote on the plan in March.  The new rules would require setbacks of 1.25 miles to non-participating property lines, and limit sound levels to 35dB at night, and 45dB during the day (10dB quieter than state rules require).  Committee member Charlie Reiss said the group tried to find the right balance that would make future projects tolerable for neighbors without creating restrictions so severe that the projects would be impossible to build.  Selectman Rick Young said he had read all of the 12-page ordinance before the meeting. “I’m impressed. I thought it was very thorough,” he said.  The committee will continue meeting and making adjustments to the proposal, in anticipation of the town meeting vote in March.

One Response to “For second wind farm, Maine town considers larger setbacks, lower sound limits”

  1. Miss Joy Says:

    Go residents of Woodstock, Maine! You cannot fix what has already been done. This is a great expample of a cautionary tale for other communities trying to fight the wind industry. Erecting these industrial sized turbines among residential homes is fairly new (10 yrs) but the industry has been at this for 20 yrs. now. The true issues came about when they began to get greedier & began to erect IWT among residential homes. They exposed themselves to the true realiaties of IWT & the terrible things IWT actually do/are doing to humans, the surrounding environment & all wildlife w/in the footprint of these wind farms. Let’s not mention the inefficiencies of the whole wind farming scam. No real rules, laws or regulations currently exist out there as this is still fairly new. The wind industy takes full advantage of this. It’s catching up to them. 20 yrs. of Government hand outs & politicians who want to be able to say they’ve met the Renewable Energy Mandate as proposed by the White House by 2020 & a photo op & feather in their caps! No real look into the harm these IWT are doing to those who are forced to live among them, no look into the true inefficiencies of them. Just a big “promise” of money to all involved (except the non-participating residents who must endure the suffering b/c of the IWT) The only true green here is the color of money & the chance for politicians to say that they’ve met the Renewable Energy Mandates. Some trade off. Phooey! Stand up Wodstock & keep shouting & exposing what’s happening to you – don’t give up!