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Loss of Quiet Places

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I’ve known Gordon Hempton for quite some time; this is a good peek into his quest to find and hopefully protect natural quiet. ┬áHe claims that several years ago he could only found two places in the lower 48 where human sound did not intrude on a regular basis…..

Defender of quiet places |

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One Response to “Loss of Quiet Places”

  1. Scott A. Says:

    I guess the age old question “if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around…” is now obsolete.

    Just recently a number of other articles have popped up regarding noise pollution, such as in Conservation Magazine. Researchers found that birds are changing their songs, adopting human noises, increasing the volume of vocalization, switching from daytime to nighttime singing, and choosing new frequencies to cope with an ever encroaching human population and their sounds.