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Maine wind farm reimburses everyone in town for their electric bill costs

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me-roxbury-turbinesThe Record Hill Wind Farm has made the first of planned ongoing quarterly payments to all year-round and seasonal property owners in Roxbury, Maine.  The checks, for $111.57, reflect the average cost of the power used by residents in town over the course of three months.  While wind farms cannot directly supply local electricity (their power is sent into the grid, and often sold in bulk to utilities or other purchasers of electricity), this innovative program aims to give local citizens a direct benefit to compensate for wind farm’s intrusion in the local landscape.

While Roxbury’s 400 landowners seem enthusiastic about the payments, some landowners in nearby towns who can hear the turbines are left out in the cold, including those on Roxbury Pond covered earlier here.

2 Responses to “Maine wind farm reimburses everyone in town for their electric bill costs”

  1. louise tesseo Says:

    I stopped to listen to the windturbines and boy do I feel sorry for the residents of Roxbury. I would throw the $111.57 back at them. We have to stop these windturbines from showing up before they flatten our beautiful state. Conservation is the only answer.Hang your laundry and turn off the lights and the list goes on. I think we should all be given a certain amount of Kilowatt hours a month and use them wisely.If we think we have to blow up mountain tops then its time for strict measure.

  2. aeinews Says:

    Thanks, Louise. I hope to visit Roxbury this summer as well; I’ll definitely be going to Vinalhaven.