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NPS Soundscape Studies in Yosemite and Beyond

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Nice find of the day: A page on the Yosemite website describing the work they did over the past two summers to assess the soundscapes in the park.

And that’s not all!  There’s also a link to a half-hour MP3 file/podcast featuring the NPS Natural Sounds Program’s lead scientist, Kurt Fristrup, talking about his studies of the effect of noise on predator-prey relationships (a line of research that I tell people about more often than nearly any other), as well as noise effects on animal communications and human physiology. The audio feature also addresses the acoustic health of Yosemite as well as some interesting discoveries made possible through recordings made in the wilderness.  See the webpage here, and listen to the MP3 story here.

One Response to “NPS Soundscape Studies in Yosemite and Beyond”

  1. Joost Hoogstrate Says:

    Hi that’s a very interesting point to ponder about. We hardly ever think about the impact of noises we make on the wildlife that exists in these areas. They are extremely sensitive creatures and anything we do is bound to affect them in some way. It’s great that someone took the time to study and quantify these things. The aim of is the same – please, visit this site.

    Thanks for the useful information!
    Joost Hoogstrate