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After a bit of a lull, I’ve spent much of the past couple days catching up on the folder full of research published in recent months, and summarizing key papers on the main Acoustic Ecology site. ¬†Among the studies worthy of attention are:

  • The first direct test of harbor porpoise sensitivity to seismic survey airguns confirms many observations from the field that this species is especially sensitive to noise; both temporary hearing loss and avoidance of sound occur at relatively low noise levels
  • Orcas and dolphins seen to reduce foraging in the presence of boat noise
  • Wind turbines don’t seem to replace most small wintering farm birds, but oil development noise can reduce forest bird abundance
  • Right whales summer habitat is loud most of the time, suggesting a pressing need to identify their breeding grounds and assure they can hear each other there
  • Two great overviews of fish hearing

See these and more at the AEI lay summaries of new research page.

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