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Sing Your Own Whale Song

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This is kinda cool, though apparently will not be fleshed out as fully as it may deserve:  Bruce Heald, a sound designer/composer created a soundtrack for an ad using orchestral instrumentalists to mimic the various sounds found in humpback whale songs.  The ad (for a cell phone company) creates the impression that an orchestra actually went out to play for and with the whales; while compelling, this was purely staged (near a dock, no less).  An email exchange with the composer confirms that there are at present no plans to create a full-blown version of the work (the 90-second commercial contains what is for now the complete composition), though he’d love to find funding for that.  But the website the company created includes a nifty Flash interface in which we can trigger the individual sounds ourselves, creating a whalesong composition in real time, as well as some short films with whale researchers and the musicians.  Check out Heald’s sound design site here and play with whale sounds by clicking on “Inspiration” at:

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