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UK researchers examine effects of noise on fish, crustaceans

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A research project in England is preparing to do some of the first field studies designed to see how human-made sound may affect non-cetaceans.  While many field studies have tracked the responses of whales and dolphins in both opportunistic and controlled settings, and some lab studies have noted how fish or other sea creatures react to noise when introduced into tanks, a team from the University of Hull is preparing to project human sounds from a research vessel and see how fish and crustaceans (crabs and lobsters) respond.

The researchers plan to film animals while playing the sounds of ships, concrete pile driving, or operating wind turbines; the results will provide data for far more accurate environmental impact assessments of offshore construction and renewable energy projects.

For more, see this recent article from OffshoreWind.

2 Responses to “UK researchers examine effects of noise on fish, crustaceans”

  1. dr jerry payne Says:

    we have carried out a few pilot studies in the lab on the effects of airgun noise on lobster and snowcrab.
    will you be carrying out any physiological studies in what sounds like an interesting project? Thanks in advance for any reply. Sincerely.
    My E-mail:

  2. aeinews Says:

    Hi Jerry,
    AEI doesn’t conduct research; we’re an info/resource center that makes info about research available to a wider audience (I can be reached via jim at acousticecology d/t org. I’ll look forward to hearing more about your work! In a couple weeks, I’ll be attending a BOMRE workshop in San Diego on effects of noise on fish and crustaceans, and hope to file some sort of report after that.