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UK Wind Farm Plan Abandoned; Developer Cites Responsibility to Avoid Noise Problems for Neighbors

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Plans for a modest-sized wind farm in rural Wales have been abandoned after one of the developers decided that it would have to be cut in half to meet local noise standards. While energy company E.On had hoped to build a 10 megawatt, 8-turbine wind farm, their analysis showed that only a 5 megawatt project would avoid causing a “noise nuisance” to nearby homes, and they could not justify investing in the smaller project. E.On’s head of new business Danny Shaw said: “We certainly didn’t take this decision lightly but, as a responsible developer, we simply wouldn’t be willing to build a scheme that we thought had the potential to exceed acceptable noise limits.” E.On’s planned partner, Arts Factory, hopes to proceed with the smaller project. Arts Factory chief executive Elwyn James said, “We’re disappointed obviously, although we would be just as cautious as E.On about the possibility of causing noise disturbance.”¬†Source: BBC News. 7/2/08¬†[READ ARTICLE]

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